Community Clubs

School Clubs
Every third Thursday of the month we have Community Clubs.

Clubs are open to every student at ICS.

We are so thankful for our club sponsors and their commitment to our students!

Please check them out and support their businesses!

These clubs are open to ALL grade levels

1)     Yearbook & Art Club – Calling students who like to take pictures and are creative! Help design our school yearbook! Take photos of the activities going on at our school.  Members will also be able to check out a camera to take pictures of their class. Visitors from SVHS will also visit some of our club meetings!

2)     Publix Club – Join staff members from Publix – learn about new foods (sample some, too).  We will also explore nutrition tips, recycling, budgeting, recipes, and more!

3)     Winn-Dixie Club - Join staff members from Winn Dixie – learn about new foods (sample some, too).  We will also explore nutrition tips, recycling, budgeting, recipes, and more!

4)     Karate Club– Hi- YA! Join this club if you want to learn karate and skills sponsored North Star Karate

5)     FLY Girls – Fashion, Life & You – this club will feature activities about beauty tips, manners, style, etc.  –for girls only.

6)     Girls’ Inc. – This club will inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold with cool lessons and activities each month… members should not be involved with Girls’ Inc. programs already.

7)     E.T.C.--Empathy. Thoughtfulness. Compassion. – Want to play cards, checkers, chess, and learn some new games?  You will even learn some sign language.  Come play! Join some of the residents from Episcopal Place for this club and distribute some kind deeds to others.

8)     Flight Club – Work with members of the Southern Museum of Flight to learn about the history of flight, planes, and more—there’s a nice field trip at the end of the year.

9)     Irondale Public Library Club – Join a staff member of the Irondale Public Library and participate in some cool Book Club activities!  Field trip!

10)  Lego Club – Imagine all the things you can create with Legos.  Join this club and explore!

11)  TechKnow (Chromebook) Club – spend each club time learning some new things on our cool new Chromebooks.

12)  Ruffner Mountain- Want to learn about nature and animals? This is the place for that! Ruffner Mountain

13)  Chess Club – Want to learn how to play chess?  Join the chess club!  You can be in this club EVEN if you were in it last year!

14)  Computer Coding Club– Use the computer and explore various programs and websites. Some of our Robotics students will be in this club, too.

15) Kids with Character – participate in cool team building activities, make things, and participate in interactive lessons – (First Baptist Church of Trussville)

16)  Birmingham Museum of Art – join this club and explore about all kinds of art and get ready to explore and make some interesting things.  Birmingham Museum of Art

17)  IPD - do you like detective work?  How about solving crimes?  Join real police officers, learn to investigate and learn what the Police Department does (sponsored by Irondale Police Department)

18)  Conservation Club – work with guests to learn about the great outdoors and how we can take care of it

19)  Master Chef – Learn how to cook and make some tasty treats (and sample some food, too!) *students should not have any food allergies to join this club (sponsored by Becky Bryant)


These clubs are grade level specific

20) Coding Club – join this club to learn how to create your own computer code!   (3rd graders only)

21) Buddy Club:  These selected 5th graders will work with Mrs. Helms and her students (crafts, cooking, games)(5th grade selected students)5th grade teachers select -see Mrs. Helms for more info.

22) Culture Club- Did you know that French is an official language in 29 different countries? We're going to start off exploring le monde francophone, discover how different cultures celebrate holidays, and then you play the tour guide as we learn about the differences and similarities of cultures around the world.    (3rd/4th graders only) 

23) TEAM sports This club is open to any 4th/5th grader who is interested in practicing and training for the ICS track team.   If you are not able to be in this club but still want to try out for the track team—you can do that in the spring.  (4th/5th graders only)

24) Pottery– Join Mrs. Matherly and make your very own items from clay.  You will even learn about the kiln. (5th graders only)

25) Game Time – join other students for a time of games.  Play some games you know and learn some new games also.  (4th graders only)

26) St. Martin’s Friends – come play games, sing songs, make crafts, and have treats with some special older friends from St. Martin’s in the Pines.(3rd graders only)


NOTE: The Flight Club and Science Olympiad Clubs will be visiting the Southern Museum of Flight on Wednesday, May 3rd. Permission form can be found under Forms on this page. Forms are due by Friday, April 28th.